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Health Resources
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Natural Sweeteners

Stevia | Cane Sugar

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Liquid and Powdered Stevia

A small South American perennial shrub, stevia is one of the most versatile plants known to man. It contains steviosides - the sweetest natural substances ever found, has no calories, and may help diabetics. Utilized primarily as a table top sweetener, it can replace sugar or honey in food, baking, and beverages. Stevia's mild anti-bacterial activity makes it effective for mouth ulcers, cold sores, sore throats, bleeding gums, and to inhibit plaque and cavities. All types of individuals, including diabetics, have used stevia safely for over 1500 years. There are no known contraindications.

Stevia is an exceptional aid for loosing and managing weight as it contains no calories and actually reduces cravings for sweets and fatty foods. Hunger sensations are also minimized if taken 20 minutes before meals. Research indicates stevia may in fact reset hunger mechanisms in people with an obstructed pathway between the stomach and hypothalamus. If so, stevia would help people feel satiated sooner, aiding them to eat less. Unlike artificial sweeteners, stevia's sweet glycosides do not break down in heat. Stevia extracts do not add to the browning action natural sweeteners do and are non-fermenting, making it excellent for cooking or baking.

Pure-Li Natural's Stevia is Certified Kosher and Parve and available in concentrated white powder and concentrated clear liquid forms. Stevia should be stored in a cool, dry area until it is required.

Reported Benefits
Hypoglycemia - Scientific research has indicated that stevia regulates blood sugar levels, bringing it to a normal balance.

Weight Management - Stevia contains no calories, making it an ideal sweetener to manage or lose weight. Stevia also helps users eat less by reducing hunger and cravings for sweets and fatty foods.

Cardiovascular - Studies have shown stevia works as a cardiovascular tonic, lowering high blood pressure.

Bacteria - Stevia inhibits the reproduction and growth of bacteria and infectious organisms, such as those that cause colds, flu and dental problems.

Skin care - When applied as a facial mask, Stevia Liquid Concentrate effectively smoothes out wrinkles, heals acne, treats seborrhea, dermatitis, and eczema, and helps to protect the skin from environmental damage and visible signs of premature aging.

Digestion - Consumed as an herbal tea, stevia effectively improves digestive and gastrointestinal function and soothes stomach upset.

Addiction - Using stevia-enhanced products helps reduce the desire for tobacco and alcohol products.

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Liquid and Powdered Stevia

Natural Organic Cane Sugar

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Organic Cane Sugar

The difference isn't just in the colour!

How is organic evaporated cane juice different from just sugar? It's simple; there aren't nearly as many processing steps and it's organic. The term organic evaporated cane juice denotes that it is a "first crystallization sugar" made directly from fresh organic juice and not from raw sugar which requires further processing. The result is a minimally processed organic sweetener with a light tan natural colour and neutral flavour profile which can directly substitute for refined white sugar. While the processing has been reduced, yields are lower than that of a refinery due to the care in handling and in clarifying the juice at the mill. Organic sugar cane is grown under strict organic guidelines that insure a positive impact on our environment and organic integrity from the field to final product.

The land must be free of herbicides and pesticides for three years. The farmers must be certified every year as must the mill. Careful records are kept on the land, the harvest and subsequent output. Lot and batch numbers are utilized for complete traceability. When the sugar cane to be used for organic evaporated cane juice is mature and ready for harvest, it is "green-cut"rather than burned. Burning causes pollution and does not provide the natural benefits that green harvesting does. When farming is done in this manner, the tops and leaves of the plant are left in the field returning nutrients to the soil and providing a natural ground cover for weed control.

The freshly cut organic sugar cane stalks are immediately pressed at the mill to remove the juice. The juice is clarified with a natural lime solution, concentrated, then crystallized. In order to prevent the sugar from caking, the crystals are cured with ambient air. It is then conveyed under hygienic conditions to a food grade clean room for packing. A mill that produces organic evaporated cane juice must employ food-grade handling and quality control procedures throughout the facility in order to create a final product that is ready for direct human consumption.

To recap the differences of organic cane juice (OECJ):
• OECJ is made at the mill from fresh-cut cane.
• OECJ is produced within 24 hours of harvest.
• The cane is green-cut not burned prior to processing.
• Natural lime is used in the clarifying process, as opposed to animal or vegetable flocculent.
• OECJ is a "first crystallization" sugar made directly from the original cane juice, not from remelted raw sugar.
• No herbicides, pesticides, or chemicals are used in the fields or in the process.
• OECJ is not bleached or decolourized providing for it natural light tan colour and pleasant flavour.
• OECJ retains trace elements originally found in the cane juice.
• OECJ is grown in accordance with sustainable agricultural practices and is organic.

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Organic Cane Sugar

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